Restored Hammarlund HQ-140X

General Coverage Communication and Ham  HF Receiver.
Receives from .54 KHz to 31.00 MHz using six bands
Separate Ham Bandspread Tuning including handy loggings scale for SWL.


Completely restored to original performance. This receiver model helped make Hammarlund’s name in amateur radio. Excellent workmanship and quality parts make this a keeper. The HQ-140X is a General Coverage receiver with a ham and logging bandspread feature.

This particular receiver has the following mods: a third party 100KC calibrator added, a tone control added, a SO-239 RF connector and an RCA phono speaker connector added.

Receiver was retubed, as needed and the electrolytics have been replaced. After cleaning the chassis and front panel, and refinishing the cabinet in its original dark grey hammer tone color, this receiver was completely serviced and realigned. It is now performing at or better than original factory specifications.

 Separate Antenna and Speaker was Required. Powered by 120 or 230 VAC Mains.